Reaya247 (care247) is the largest Arab platform to facilitate communication between medical service providers and patients not only by
facilitating booking, but also through the creation of an integrated community in which the highest quality of communication
between all providers of medical services in all specialties and patients via a range of specialized services provided by the
Reaya247 platformWe provide efficient medical services booking and tele-health services using modern communication techniques
such as video talks and written conversations, which provide integrated health care for the patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. Wherever your location, whenever the times, there is a network of professional doctors and reputable medical organization
who endeavors to enhance the healthcare of service users, individuals, and the society.It really has become so simple, you can
now get the healthcare you dream of in terms of accessibility, quality, and care from Re3aya 247.Because we at Re3aya 247 provide
24-hour integrated medical network you can choose your own doctor. Your selection is informed by real testimonials, articles, research, and evaluations of previous patients.You can also reach your doctor in just a few minutes with a few clicks on your
phone, tablet, or computer. And immediately and without any hurdles or waiting you will communicate with doctors through a
secure efficient video chat. You can discuss your condition, receive instant advice and if possible you will be prescribed
appropriate medication. Moreover, doctors can access your medical records and investigations to ensure the accuracy of diagnosis and
treatment. All this at just a click of a button.Getting the best care, being treated at the hands of the best and feeling better
are wonderful but the most wonderful is that you get all of that without any hardship.You will be delighted also to get the
healthcare you deserve at best prices with a discount that you deserve.

EL Sehaa Medical Marketing Company is a leading healthcare platform that has been able to include a large number of medical providers in one integrated network. EL Sehaa has been a accredited by ISO 9001. We are a pioneer company in the field of e-healthcare and operate a state-of-art