Whether you need a lung disease diagnosis or you need to figure out the reason behind your breathing difficulty, a pulmonologist is a right physician for you!

A pulmonologist specializes in lung diseases or any disorders related to your body's breathing or respiratory system. They diagnose the underlying problem and prepare a complete recovery plan.

In this blog, we’ve compiled a complete guide on pulmonologists.

How Can a Pulmonologist Help You?

A pulmonologist treats breathing difficulties and respiratory complications for patients. While a general physician may prescribe a medicine for mild cough or cold, you’ll need to consult a pulmonologist to get serious lung diseases diagnosed and cured.

If you're suffering from breathing difficulties or pneumonia, a pulmonologist can diagnose the underlying cause by methods, such as chest x-rays, bronchoscopies, and CT scans.

Once the problem is diagnosed, a pulmonologist prescribes suitable medication, therapies, and lungs rehabilitation plan to restore your health. If needed, they can also refer you to a heart or lungs surgeon for surgeries.