Not too long ago, people relied on family and friend referrals before consulting a doctor, or they chose the doctors based on their office insurance plans or panel arrangements.

Interestingly, the developments in the internet and lifestyle trends have changed the way people sought medical care and health care. Telemedicine is taking people by storm.

Telemedicine means scheduling video appointments or virtual sessions with doctors via online medical platforms. Not only it enhances the patient's convenience, but it also controls the spread of many infectious diseases, like the coronavirus.

In this blog, we’ve compiled some benefits of online medical platforms for patients.

Search Engines Results

According to a Hitwise study, about 68% of people use mobile phones to search for doctors. Thus, to cater to the changing demands, many medical platforms have recently shifted to online presence.

The online medical platforms rank on Google and other search engines when people initiate their findings for the doctors. This helps them choose the right doctor, validating their professional qualifications and certifications.

Moreover, you can also review previous patient's feedback about the doctor to evaluate the results better.   

Comfort and Convenience

Online medical platforms like Re3aya 247 in Egypt allow people to consult doctors virtually. You don't have to wait in long queues to book the appointment or sit in a waiting room in a sick condition, waiting for your turn.

You can attend the doctor's session from the ease and comfort of your home. You can also easily adjust these sessions in your busy routine and don’t have to worry about leaving your kids to someone else’s place.