It’s certainly not easy to digest the news that you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. It can be overwhelming and threatening at the same time. But don’t lose hope. More than 98% of people recover from testicular cancer, as indicated by a study.

Oncologists, the cancer specialists, diagnose your cancer type and prepare a recovery plan immediately.  Knowing who to consult and what to do makes the journey of cancer treatment less stressful.

In this blog, we’ve compiled some points that you must follow before visiting an oncologist.

1. Don’t Visit the Oncologist Alone!

"You'll retain just 30% of what your doctor says during oncologist visits!" says a renowned oncologist. Therefore, it's always helpful to visit the oncologist with a family member or friend—the more set of ears you bring, the better.

Additionally, visiting an oncologist is also frightening out of the perception that cancers are fatal. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to surround yourself with people who care about you and can better advocate about your condition. In this way, the patient feels empowered.

2. Educate Yourself

Gone are the days when accessing information was challenging and time-consuming. Today, you can find whopping data on a specific topic with a click of a button.

Educate yourself about your condition before visiting an oncologist by relying on authentic information available on cancer websites. Know your cancer type and the possible treatment options so that when you visit the doctor, you can have a more explicit discussion about your treatment plan.

Moreover, you can create a list of questions to ask the oncologist to understand your treatment options better.

3. Bring All Your Medical Records/Reports

During the initial consultation, the oncologists require your pathology and radiology reports to review your medical diagnosis and general condition. Call and double-check with the hospital about bringing your other test reports or X-ray slides.

Make sure if you're on an insured plan with the oncologist, so you don't get surprised by costly bills. Finally, you can also keep a record of everything on your cell phone in PDF format.